Monday, March 30, 2009

IVP2-Catherine Cordeiro


My goal was to take a children's game and manipulate it slightly to communicate a social message. I chose the traditional outdoor game, hopscotch, but instead of squares, the numbers appear on collages in the shape of lilypads (called "litterpads). The collages are a montage of pictures of water and earth pollution. Thus, the game takes on a darker tone because it is a children's game which, like the environment has become corrupt and dirty. The composition of each litterpad is the same, and the focal point is a large drainpipe that leaks lime green polluted water. The game is meant to provoke conversation, debate and education, focusing on environmental issues. An alternate way to display the installation is to float the litterpads in a body of clean water, emphasizing the pollution message. This way, however, is not playable.

RULES: The game is played like traditional hopscotch.
HOW TO WIN: Be the first to hop all the way through the grid.
   1. Arrange the litterpads on the ground in a grid pattern. Each player has a natural found object to use as a marker (small stone, etc.)
   2. Stand at the beginning and toss your marker in the first litterpad. Hop over litterpad 1 (you must skip any litterpad that has a marker in it) to litterpad 2.
   3. Hop through the grid on one foot unless there are two litterpads side-by-side, then you jump landing with one foot in each square.
   4. Hop to the end, jump and turn around 180 degrees without leaving the grid, and hop back.
   5. Pause in litterpad 2 to pick up the marker, and out.
   6. Toss the marker in litterpad 2, hop through the same way, then square 3 and so on.
   1. Your marker fails to land in the right litterpad.
   2. You hop on a space that has a marker on it.
   3. You step on a line.
   4. You lose your balance when bending over to pick up the marker and put a second hand or foot down or hop outside the grid.
   5. You hop into a single space with both feet. You then place your marker in the litterpad where you will resume playing and the next player begins.


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