Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IVP2- Ryan Ingram


4 Cities. 4 Runways. Can You Get There?

Description: 4-player game, which includes one spinner, 16 bracelets, and 10 wild cards

Objective: To collect one bracelet from each fashion capital of the world (4 total)

To Play:
1. This first player turns the spinner and waits to see which option (“New York,” “London,” “Paris,” “Milan,” or “Wild”) appears in the clear window. If the spinner lands between two of these words, select the one that appears in the majority of the window. If it lands exactly midway, spin again.
2. If the spinner lands on a city name, take the corresponding bracelet. It is hereafter the second player’s turn. In the case that the first player already has the bracelet of that name, he or she takes no additional bracelet.

3. If the spinner lands on “Wild,” draw card from the deck and follow its directions. When the player completes the instructions on the card, his or her turn is complete.

4. Repeat these instructions until one player collects all four bracelets.
This player is the Master of Mode!

This game was first inspired by my love of fashion. When we began this project, I was constantly keeping track of blogs chronicling the latest designs debuted at the New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks. How could I incorporate this obsession into my latest art project?- Ultimately, I developed this game based on a dream scenario: attending all four fashion weeks in one epic tour. My game appeals to people who have a similar love of creative design, travel, and glamor.

The color scheme for my design is predominantly black and white for two reasons: 1. People in the fashion industry primarily wear black so as to blend into the background and to not attract attention away from the models and clothing. 2. Black and white photos, in my opinion, can serve as some of the strongest images in editorial spreads and advertising campaigns. Overall, in my color selection, I aimed to convey a certain level of knowledge of the industry and an appreciation of a certain approach to documenting fashion.

Another significant choice was my selection of materials. Primarily, I used found items: mainly water bottles of different sizes. I then cut these water bottles into the pieces I needed (i.e. the parts for the spinner, bracelets), painted them black to match the overall color design, and then used collage to decorate my creations. The use of collage serves as a unifying force throughout my project. I used this technique in the creation of my spinner, the bracelets, and the bag in order to insinuate both the permeating influence of fashion magazines on consumers and the sheer creativity inherent in fashion, as demonstrated by the way clothing and accessories can be endlessly recombined to create a near infinite number of outfits. In recombining borrowed images through the use of collage, I highlight the idea of making fashion "your own" through personalization.

Finally, perhaps the most difficult challenge that my project presented was how to design the cards as to gel cohesively with the rest of my project. Thus, I decorated the backs of the cards with a liquified skin in order make the surface appear similar to plastic. This reference to liquid, a form of matter always in motion, calls attention to the idea that fashion too is in constant movement. Also, I decorated a black elastic band with a black bow tie to hold the cards together. This special touch allows the cards to better mesh with the rest of the project. Overall, the entire game reflects a consistent level of care and sophistication of spirit.

All in all, my game encapsulates many critical themes concerning fashion (i.e. personalization, motion, etc), but my design choices bring these diverse messages together into one cohesive presentation. Ultimately, this game is a celebration of fashion and the opportuities it presents for innovation on both the corporate and personal levels!

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