Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IVP2 Rosie Gellman

How to Play:
Player, or "groupies" as they are called in the game, first place their hippie van pieces on the "start" block of the game board, or "peace trail." They next set up the stage next to the game board, with the autograph cards inside. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their piece the number of spaces shown on the dice. If a player lands on a space with a flower, this player gains "flower power" and gets to go to the stage and collect an autograph from the stack. Players continue to go around the board until all autographs have been taken. The player with the most autograph at the end of the game becomes the "most devoted groupie" and wins!

Design components:
I wanted to create a game centrally themed around Woodstock. The game board background is very psychedelic, created with dripped paint, and overlayed with daisies, the flower of the hippie era. The actual game board, or "peace trail," is in the shape of a peace sign, a typical hippie symbol. The game pieces are hippie vans, covered in hippie symbols as well. The point of the game is to become the "most devoted groupie" by collecting the most autographs, all of which are replicas of actual autographs of the artists of Woodstock. To get an autograph, the player has to go to the stage, which depicts a scene from a Grateful Dead concert, just as a real groupie would have done at Woodstock. Every piece of the game is somehow tied to Woodstock, either hippie-themed or themed around the music of Woodstock. The pieces are all also very colorful, as was the hippie generation. The game is meant to be happy, light-hearted, and full of peace, love, and good vibes.
The packaging box is pretty plain because all of the internal components of the game are very complex, so I didn't want to detract from that. The box includes the name of the game and some colorful hippie symbols, so as to relate it to the game, but other than that, it is pretty simple. Also, as I came over to Smith Warehouse, it happened to be raining just as it was at Woodstock. The rain caused the paint of my box to run, adding to the hippie, Woodstock vibe, somewhat corresponding to my game board. Additionally, everything at Woodstock was drippy and wet, soaked in rain, so the box ties furthers the genuine wet feel of Woodstock in this way as well.

A view of the stage with the autograph cards inside.

An example of an autograph card.

The hippie vans pieces on the board.

The game set up.

An overview of the game board.

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