Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IVP2 Sarah Wallingford


Evidence is a spin-off of the traditional game, "Clue." The story is modified, however; instead of Mr. Boddy's death under investigation, a love affair has occurred in the mansion! The game is a race to find out which two characters had an affair, what evidence they left behind, and in what room.

The game is a commentary on the way private love affairs are publicized by the media. Often times, false accusations are made (just as in the game) and reputations are ruined. In any case, love affairs are the business of the participants and should not be made public for criticism or judgment.

The Game Board (above)
The Characters (below)

The Evidence (below)

Visually, the game is very eye-catching because of its bright colors. On the other hand, it uses only very basic shapes to represent the rooms and evidence and uses only profiles for the suspects. I did this intentionally. The bright colors represent the attention the public gives to love affairs, and the representational simplicity of the shapes reflects the way that in most news stories, details are unknown. This lack of detail often causes people to misinterpret the truth.

Playing the Game

The game is played in the same way traditional "Clue" is played, however two suspects must be discovered instead of one. Players use the detective cards (below) to eliminate which cards are not in the CONFIDENTIAL envelope in the center.

Finally, the rules of the game (above) are in a newspaper format to communicate that this game is a commentary on a news story.

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