Saturday, March 21, 2009

IVP2 - Serra Dilmener

BUBBLE the TROUBLE is a racing board game based on the goal of reaching the last spot on the board, first. The route consists of about 130 bubbles of 21 different colors. The game is played by 2-6 people and includes a spinner on which 21 colors are repeated at least once. Players take turns and spin the spinner, proceeding to the next first bubble of the color the spinner points to. The first player to reach the last bubble, which is in jungle green color, wins. Watch out for the black and white bubbles!

How to play?

  • Each player is given a different colored moving tool, (provided with the game.)

  • Then, in order to indicate who starts the game first, each player spins the spinner. The player for whom the arrow points a color closer to the big black circle, starts the game.

  • The first player spins the spinner again to start the game and proceeds to the next first spot of the indicated color.

  • The other players follow the same procedure.

  • If the spinner points to one of the white circles, the player moves back to previous first white spot.
  • If the spinner points to one of the black circles, the player moves to the next first black spot which will take him/her back to the beginning.
  • All players start with 0 points and when a game is over the number of bubbles between the losing players' current spot and the end spot is multiplied by 10 and subtracted from the total points the player already has. For example, assuming it's the first game if 9 bubbles left till the end spot: 9x10=90 0-90=-90 points.

  • If any player is on a black bubble when a game is over s/he is automatically disqualified.

  • The winner gets 500 points!

Below is the cover of the board game.When I first started brainstorming, I was stuck in between creating a game similar to "Candyland" which is a typical start-end racing game and "Snakes and Ladders" which has the component of going both back and forth during the game. So I combined both and created a game with colors and circular shapes that has that back-forth dynamic to it. In addition to these, unlike both games BUBBLE the TROUBLE is played with a spinner. For this game I used composition of overlapping and intersecting curvilinear shapes and colors. I was inspired by Beatriz Milhazes(on the right is one of Milhazes' works,) and her succesful and rich use of curviliear elements. She makes good use of harmony of colors and rhytim of shapes interrupting each other.

I chose to create the project with circular shapes because I like how overlapping shapes interact with each other. I believe that circle is one of the shapes with which overlapping works well. We can see this with the patterns that can be produced with "Spiral Drawing Sets."

In this project I made use of “pattern and ornament” and used “depth cues” with overlapping circles. Circles of different sizes created the image as if the background layer has an undefined depth attached to it. The idea of “packed and open space” assisted me in balancing out the occupied space on the back and fore side of the board. I tried to have a simpler cover to emphasize the name of the game and used similar patterns on the back of the pattern for them not to interfere with the route. I also used the idea of “weight” by giving different scales to the bubbles especially the ones that are on the surface ground(under the pathway). This interrupts the monotonous fashion and adds a rhythm as in the pieces of Milhazes.

It's time for bubbles to create some trouble and fun!

Enjoy Your Bubbly Time!

-Sadel Serra DILMENER

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