Tuesday, March 24, 2009

IVP2- Margot Mausner


Everyone loves a good story, but nothing ruins a good time like a bad narrative.  Don't worry; there is no longer a need to go looking aimlessly in the back of your head for a good story to impress your friends.  With Storyboard, the good times are always at your fingertips.  

How to Play:
The rules of the game are very simple.
The number of players is unlimited, in fact the more the merrier!

Getting Started:
Place all of the cards face down in the box.  The first player will flip the first card so that it is face up.  From here the first player will start telling a story (fictional or non-fictional).  The catch is that the story MUST include the image displayed (either as the basis of the story or as a specific detail).  After a minute of the first player telling his/her story, the second player flips over the next photo in the pile.  From here the second player takes over the first player's story.  Faced with a new photograph, player two must now find a way to integrate his/her picture into the pre-existing story.  This process continues on an on.  Include in the game box is a pamphlet, which can be used (optional) to record the stories that are produced, if one hopes to recall these good times later.

Design Aspects:
Storyboard is a game, which initiates story telling and good times based off of ridiculous, random images.  Naturally when it came time to create the game I turned towards photography as my medium.  Within the photographs, I tried to take the main object and place it in front of a background that created a nice contrast.  Also, for many of the images I placed the main object in different areas of the frame.  I used newspaper on the top of the game box and for the recording pamphlet because of its association with journalism and the concept of story telling.  In a nutshell I tried to really emphasize the idea of storyboards as they have previously been associated with the planning of films, television shows or commercials.  While the top of the game box is black (representing the endless possibilities of Storyboard), the rest of the box is covered in a crazy pink/orange pattern, depicting all the different paths the stories can travel down.  


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