Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project #1 Hilary

The Youth - Joker - "City High Anthem" by City High

Society 10

My game is called Society 10. The deck is set up like a regular deck of cards. There are four different suites with color distinctions. The colors represent a stereo type of race colors, with yellow representing Asian, white representing Caucasian, brown representing African Americans and red representing other. There are three face cards in each suite, with a High Class card replacing the traditional king, a Middle Class card replacing the traditional queen and a lower class card replacing the traditional jack. There cards ranging from 2-10 in every suite. Each suite has one Ace which is denoted as a homeless card, and there are two jokers which do not have a designated suite as they are defined as the young and the elderly. My ultimate intention with this game was to create a game that made a comment on society, however, the designing process of the cards lead combined with the game itself prevented the message I had in mind from being translated. I focused heavily one creating the face cards, the jokers and the ace. They were drawn digitally on the computer using a tablet, colored and shaded using corel painter and photoshop and then text was added using paint shop pro 7. The text on each card is a corresponding song to represent a particular sentiment with each card. Important words are in a larger font or accented with bold or italics. For example the High Class card has "you can't beat me" in legable font to represent that they are the most powerful card within the deck.

High Class - King - "Cuz I Can" by Pink
Society Rules

1. Deal out all the cards
2. Need 4 people to play
3. Game begins with the person to the left of the dealer and continue in a clock wise motion
4. 2. Jokers beat everything
5. If the 1st player puts down a face card, it can only be taken by matching face card or a stacked card value equal to 10
6. If the 1at player plays a # card lower than 10, it can only be taken by a 10, matching by 2nd player or stacked cards equaling 10
7. The number of stacked cards equaling 10 can only be taken by a 10
8. 10s restart stack value
9. Matching hold preference to stacking
10. Matching royalty can only be taken by joker
11. Piles not equaling 10 go to 1st player
12. 10 beat s everything but jokers and matching royalty
13. Matching number cards can only be taken by stacked cards equaling 10

Lower Class - Jack Homeless - Ace The Elderly - Joker

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