Monday, April 20, 2009

Crashed IVP3-Lucas Best


Follow this link to play!

I started coming up with an idea for a 2d style game and after experimenting with various aspects of Flash that I had not yet explored. In doing this I also realized an old love for scifi. I love Star Wars and I'm a pretty committed Treky. I remembered some of the old plots from some of my favorite Star Trek episodes, so I decided to make a scifi game where the main character crashes on a planet and has to use the guidance of another ship captain who had crashed on the previously some time before. This plot has been used in at least one Star Trek episode, but hopefully I've stayed general enough to avoid copyright problems...

I wanted to integrate video into this game more than I had in my previous games, so I decided to have video actually progress the plot in this one. (Credit to my best friend Joel Leonard for doing the acting for me, I'm a terrible actor and he did the recording in one sitting, which is pretty hard to do.)

If you get Flash errors while playing, just hit continue until in goes away and the flow of the game will still stay consistent. I don't know what the problem is, but I'll try to fix it.


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