Thursday, April 23, 2009

IVP2-Colleen Ugliano-The Podcast

The Podcast--Colleen Ugliano
When we see others with earphones in, listening to an ipod, we often associate this state with introversion as the listener is separated from the social and interactive world, occupying the world of music specific to his or her own tastes. However, the free podcast feature on iTunes enables people from various countries and social groups to cross borders and share interests and news with the click of a button. Whether the topic is sports, entertainment, art, literature, or music, podcasts update daily, weekly, or monthly, and are produced and uploaded by large organizations such as the Discovery Channel, ESPN, or The New Yorker, along with individuals, often in collaboration with others. My project attempts to portray the individual side of listening to podcasts (the person listening with earphones and interacting with the podcast) in connection with the broader social context (connecting different countries with world news and interests.)

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