Friday, April 24, 2009

IVP3-Colleen Ugliano-Defining Identity

My third independent project raises the question, How does an individual define his or her identity? To depict this I use an athlete (Ryan Giggs from Manchester United) who is accustomed to playing before a large, faceless crowd with a group of uniformed teammates. To his coaches, teammates, and fans he is an important and talented piece of the puzzle, yet his memories leading up to his present moment—whether or not it is shared by others—separates the athlete from his uniform and others around him.
Visually in the project the athlete finds himself facing this question when he sees his own name in the crowd. The progression moves from a photographic public conception—dressed in uniform—to a dark outline, and as he begins to think back he fills himself with memories which progress as memories typically come to mind (not always chronological; one memory can instantly bring about the next in sequence, or one factor may bring another memory to the surface.) The magnitude of the athlete in the final outline, once filled with these thoughts, is greater than the crowd, which also becomes an image in his memory.

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