Monday, April 20, 2009

IVP3-Catherine Cordeiro

A Day at the Carnival

For this project, I was inspired by Spring and the idea of the sun coming out and everyone having a chance to play outside. In the Spring, amusement parks open their doors to hoards of excited people and give the public a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves. I wanted to give the project a really homemade feel so I collected photos from Flickr that various people took of their children and their experience at local county fairs and amusement parks. I think this appropriation gives it a feel of a family scrapbook or photo album. I also incorporated my own scanned Crayola crayon drawings that depict an ice cream cone melting over time. They are inserted between the family photos, which are arranged according to the time of day, indicating the passage of time over one day, from sunrise to sunset. 
The project was completed using iDVD and crayon on paper. I am known for being absolutely terrible with computers, so although it seems rudimentary, it was a great accomplishment for me. I gained skills in using iDVD and downloading and moving pictures from one application to the next and to insert appropriate background music. While I'm content with the outcome, I would have liked to fit the timing of the pictures to the beat of the music for emphasis. 
The music on the title menu (not on the short version) is reminiscent of music on an antique carousel or from a black-and-white movie. The music during the slide show is "Kids" by MGMT, which begins with the sounds of children playing and has an overall upbeat, laid back yet excite tone. 
I think the project succeeds in capturing the truly American spirit of springtime at a carnival and reminds the viewer not to take life too seriously and to enjoy every fleeting moment. 

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