Thursday, April 23, 2009

IVP3 - Sadel Serra Dilmener


YELL: "OWCH" is a game based on color intensities. The purpose is to wipe out all yellow bubbles which have the least intensity thus least power. While blue has the highest intensity thus the most power, other colors are assumed to be more powerful than yellow and less powerful than blue. Therefore any color can undermine yellow bubbles but none has the power to undermine the blue ones. As rings of bubbles form, any color except blue wipes out the one it overlaps. If a bubble ring forms but doesn't wipe out any of the yellow bubbles the player gradually loses points.

The video I prepared portrays what one can see playing the game or watching someone else play it. I used Power Point slides and created 600 frames by editting a former slide to create the latter one. Then I merged them all one after the other, so we can consider this a stop motion video.

There are two parts to the game. First one being the wiping out of yellow bubbles by other ones while second one being the "revenge of the yellow bubbles" by turning into a "Pacman-like" shape and eating out all colors.

The name of the game YELL:"OWCH" is the combination of yellow and to yell: "ouch" which refers to pain. Since there is no literal kind of pain in this game my goal was to make reference to the weak getting beaten up by the stronger, followed by revenge of the weaker.

My inspiration for the video was the circular overlapping patterns of bubbles I have used in my previous game project: "Bubble the Trouble"(IVP2). First my aim was to create a visual entertainment by creating a sequential video of how I formed those patterns. Then I added a twist to it by applying a basic game strategy: strong vs. weak. However, since I was dealing with colors and shapes I used the notion of "strong/weak" in terms of colors which is color intensity.

Enjoy watching the competition between colors before the GAME is OVER.

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