Friday, April 24, 2009

Linda Yi IVP2 postings

This is my 2nd Individual Visual Project for which I chose music as my social object. For me, music and art have always seemed to have an intertwined relationship. After all, both are aesthetic mediums which speak in ways as profound as they are intangible. This relationship was brought home to me on a recent visit to the Sichuan region of southwestern China. While there, I participated in the traditional Yi minority fire festival – an unforgettable experience. The mounting crescendo of a myriad of joyful voices, harmonizing even in their apparent dissonance, was exhilarating – and truly completed the ritual fireside dance. This social aspect of music is what caught my attention – each note and chord evocative of our activity.

I chose to apply the "rough pastel" effect to my 2nd crop because ideally, that is the type of medium I would associate with this type of music - free, uninhibited, flowing. However, my skill with "real" pastels isn't quite at the level at which I can achieve the visual effect I want in that manner yet - hence photoshop aid. :)

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