Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IVP3 Nonlinearity - a work's progress through time.

In one of our previous classes, we explored the different primary colors via paint. What I found interesting about the exercise was that my finished product looked nothing like what I had on my paper - it had somehow "morphed" into a whole new thing. Interestingly enough, I was quite pleased with the final result - despite the fact that I had not planned it out.

This is we the kernel that grew into my final individual visual project. I decided to do a painting - yet in a novel (at least to me) methodology. Unlike my previous works, I didn't start out with a well laid plan. Instead, I started on intuition, made multiple changes to the original painting as inspiration struck and changed, and finally landed on what I had before me. Along the way, my work began to resemble more and more a close-up of an embryo - a seed of life coming into being. In a way, I found this a fitting subject to end my piece on - as the development of life is (as mentioned by others in our class as well) an extremely non-linear progression of different and unique happenings.

In my second part of the progress, I made my painting (and the process by which it was developed) into a short film. I hope that the quick flash-backs and forwards present in the short film mirrors the changes in perspectives and evolving of aims that was key to the production of the piece. The music, "I just wanna live" by Good Charlotte was chosen to pair with the theme of the painting - life fighting (and succeeding) to emerge out of seeming randomosity. :)

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