Monday, April 20, 2009

IVP3 Rosie Gellman

My video is supposed to serve as a sort of optical illusion and transformation. Within it, pictures of myself are interspersed with pictures of flowers, as the picture evetually transforms from me into a flower. It is supposed to also be a sort of play on words because my name is Rosie and I shift into a flower, so it is basically like going from one rose to another in a sense.
My video was inspired by a Youtube video in which a boy takes a picture of himself everyday for 6 years and then compiles them in rapid succession which creates a very interesting change over time show. Also within an All-American Rejects music video, they employ the same techniques that i did with the static person and changing clothes, which i also thought produced a cool effect. I believe my video would be cooler if the transition times between photos were faster, however, I utilized the fastest transitions that iMovie will allow.
My video was created taking a bunch of stills of myself in different outfits, altering them in photoshop to make them each a different overlay color, and then placing them in rapid sucession in iMovie. I then did the same with photos I have taken of flowers around Duke. I worked with the timing and placement of the images to make it a smooth transition between pictures and form beginning to end. Then I added music, which is "The Golden Afternoon" from Alice in Wonderland, the song sang by all of the flowers. The song seemed fitting as it is from one of my favorite movies and also focuses on flowers, the theme of my movie.

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