Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project 1 :: Rhyme Tyme

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Rules of Play

Any number of players may participate, though it is recommended to limit players to 8 or less, and no less than 2 players.

All cards are ranked by their difficulty and set to a points scale.
one – Easy
two – Medium
three - Difficult

Setting Up
Players sit in a circle with cards turned downwards in a pile in the center.

Round Play
1. The first player (this can be anyone, selected in any number of ways) flips over the first card so that everyone in the group can see the word given. This player begins the story using the word on the card to end the sentence.

2. The next player must continue the story with another sentence ending with a word that RHYMES with the word given on the card. The player after does the same, etc.

3. The rhyme (or rap) continues until a player is stumped and cannot come up with a rhyming word to use as a part of the story or if his part of the story makes no sense (as decided by the rest of the players).

4. The person preceding the player who cannot respond takes the card and holds onto it.

5. At the end, the points on the cards (one, two or three) are totaled for each player and the person with the most points is the winner.

Other Rules
1. Final, or rhyming, words may not be repeated in the same round.
2. Players decide when they are finished playing, unless they decide to play until they have used all of the cards.

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