Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wild West Dress Up

My game is called Wild West Dress Up. The cover is pictured above

It consists of 25 cards: 20 for the cowboys and 5 instructional cards. Within the Cowboy cards are 4 sets of complete outfits-a shirt, a pair of pants/skirt, a pair of boots, a head, and a cowboy hat-all which correspond to one of 4 cowpokes. There are 2 cowboys and 2 cowgirls, and each has his or her own set of clothing of a matching color. An example of a cowboy's shirt can be seen to the left. Within the deck are also 5 instructional cards consisting of instructions to draw more cards or put cards back.The purpose of the game is to draw cards from the deck and construct a cowpoke. The person to build his or her cowpoke first is the winner!

All of my cards are hand drawn and designed, as I thought this would help contribute to the childish nature and design of the game. They are very colorful, simple, and visually attractive, as are many other childrens toys. The rules of the game are also quite simple, so that the game may be played easily by its target audience of young children.

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