Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Star Chart -
-For my "unlikely chart," i chose to create a "star chart" often seen in elementary school classroom.  Young students are awarded gold merit stars for good behavior, which is a fun way to track a student's academic and behavioral performance. 
For an extra twist and a play of the word "star," I made the students "stars" of our society and culture.  These include people such as William Shakespeare, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and YoYo Ma.  The stars also express the personality of these celebrities, for example Karl (Lagerfeld)'s stars are a bit skinnier than the rest, and Angie (Jolie's) are named for all of her children.  Mikey P (Michael Phelp)'s has a star taken away for the recent bad press he has received.  I have also drawn caricatures of all of the "stars" as how they might perceive themselves at the kindergarden level.     

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