Sunday, February 8, 2009

Card Game Project

The idea to connect colored lines was inspired by the need to have a simple but colorful game.

The Work:
First the general pattern of the cards were designed. This is shown in the first picture. Each card was meant to only have 3 lines, with different colors. Each card also had its own unique set of colors. In order to have 15 unique sets of 3 colors, 6 colors had to be used. The different combonations of colors can be seen in the second photo.
After the designs of the cards were established, the color distribution is as follows:
Red=8, Orange=6, Yellow=8, Purple=7, Green=9, Blue=7
Obviously some colors are easier to connect. This brings about a slight bit of strategy to the game.
On the back of the cards is the word CONNECT, the name of the game, in a similar line connecting fashion. The word was deliberately left black and white to contrast the coloful front of the cards. The back of the cards can be seen in the third picture. A possible arrangment of cards after full play can be seen in the final photo.

Information about the game:

Connect: The color game that doesn't cross the connects it!

How to Play:
This is mainly two player game. First one card is set aside, deemed as the start card. The remaining cards are distributed out amongst the players.
To begin, the start card is placed in the middle of the gaming area. The first player must choose a card from her or his hand that contains a line the same color as one of the lines on the start card. This card is placed beside the start card so that the same colored lines connect. The next player continues in the same manner, connecting same colored lines. When cards are placed, they may not overlap in general game play. The first player to get rid of all her or his cards wins! After finishing the game, step back and view your artwork.

Other Ways to Play:
Connect only the warm colors (red, yellow and orange)
Connect only the cool colors (blue, green, and purple)
One player can only connect the warm colored lines, the other player, the cool colored lines.
Connect the lines in order to make familiar shapes (triangles, squares, letters, etc) first (overlapping is allowed).

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